Sell your bike in style on eBay

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August 19, 2009
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August 27, 2009

Sell your bike in style on eBay

This video came to me via Twitter. It really shows the value of creative and energetic marketing when selling a product.

The message is pretty clear and shows how powerful creative marketing can be. If you’re selling a bike, wheels or anything around the house, this is a great example of how being remarkable pays off – mediocrity doesn’t.

On the topic of remarkable, when it comes to marketing, Seth Godin is a must read blogger on the topic. He rarely fails to deliver with consistent thought provoking posts, this one related to eBay.

Whats my bike worth?

Go onto eBay and check the completed listings. To do this – click on Advanced search, type in what you’re looking for and check the completed listings box.


Advanced search, name of item, completed listings - search.

This will give you a great indication of what your bike is worth and what you could expect to get for it.

Other places to sell it.

Craigslist – Free to advertise – this link leads to the Melbourne version.

Gumtree – Free to advertise – again, this link leads to the Melbourne version.

BikeExchange – There is lots of bikes on this Australian based site. They charge a small fee depending on the value or your bike. They also have some great tips on buying, selling and general bicycling advice.

Cycling Tips – An awesome site for cycling related tips and tricks. Wade is a great guy, authentic and real. He’s just opened a noticeboard that I’m sure will gain traction over time.It’s free and due to an ever increasing readership, you’ll sell your bike in no time.

Australian Cycling Forums – Not only a great place to sell your bike, but a chance to interact with fellow cyclists. Ask questions – get the heads up.

Good luck

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  • Ariel @ Mountain bike holidays

    Congrats on your successful sale, looks like you got a descent amount for it after all!

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    looks like you got a descent amount for it after all!

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